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The supply of varieties: the Japanese hardcore
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A kind of green Chinese onion, green onion, can be divided into normal green Chinese onion shallot and

floor spring, shallot, hu four types. Here in shandong zhangqiu is China's largest green Chinese onion
planting, processing and export base, now the main planting varieties of Japanese shallot. Green Chinese
onion flavor, lukewarm, has published tong Yang; The role of detoxification to taste. It is mainly used
for cold chill cold, fever, headache, stuffy nose, Yin cold abdominal pain, diarrhea, diarrhea, insect
resistance, milk, mainland adverse, etc. Green Chinese onion essential oil, the oil in the main
composition of allicin, and diene in sulfur ether, calcium oxalate. In addition, also
contain fat, sugar, carotene, vitamin B and C, niacin, calcium, magnesium, iron and other

Healthcare value: the nutritional benefits, not in a few words can say that finish, the green Chinese
onion diet is used a lot of, so to speak. Eat three times a week green Chinese onion or chives, can
cooking, cold food, can also as a flavoring, can achieve an aphrodisiac to fill the role of Yin. Right
amount eat onion an aphrodisiac to fill Yin, detoxification, sweating, antibacterial, prevent cancer,
increase appetite, diastolic blood vessels and cholesterol.

Prevent disease: treatment for colds, headaches, diarrhea, fever, shoulder pain, injuries and diseases
such as frostbite, insomnia, appetite, promote digestion, strengthen physical health.

Best season: autumn, winter
Pick a place: leaf and worship to distinguish clearly
Method: raw food, chopped, decoct soup, roast
Storage: cool and ventilated place
Green Chinese onion is mainly used as seasoning. Scallions can assist treatment of diseases such as
cold, insomnia, headaches, diarrhea, have promote digest, physical fitness, increase appetite and so
on the many kinds of efficacy.

Worship of allyl sulfide not only make the pungent smell of green Chinese onion has special, and streng
then the body's digestive function, promote the blood circulation, kill bacteria in the body, and so
on. So, eat hot pot typically put leeks, Japanese style chicken string also clip spring onion. In
addition, the green Chinese onion also contain irritating odor of volatile substances, can gently
stimulate the bronchial mucosa, helps to relieve congestion and other symptoms.
Part of leaf is rich in vitamins, such as carotene and vitamin C. Chives and spring Onions, shallots,
etc varieties are rich in vitamins, has a high nutritional value.

Appropriate crowd: the general population are edible.
1. Knowledge workers are more appropriate
2. People with gastrointestinal tract disease especially canker unfavorable feed more; Irritating to
sweat glands and onion is stronger, people with body odor in the summer should eat carefully. Virtual
table, the sweat also should diet; Too much eating Onions will damage the eyesight.
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